Programs & Classes

Ignite your child’s passion for dance with the Columbia Conservatory of Dance’s exceptional and professional day programs and classes. Our experienced instructors inspire a love for movement, fostering both technical skill and artistic expression in a nurturing environment. Aspiring young dancers will receive top-notch training, guided by expert professionals who are dedicated to helping them achieve their full potential.

Day Program


Ages 11 & Up

The Day Program caters specifically to homeschoolers, providing a unique opportunity for flexible, focused, and enriching dance education. Designed to accommodate busy schedules, the program offers specialized training during daytime hours, allowing homeschooling students to cultivate their passion for dance while receiving top-tier instruction.

Pre Ballet


Ages 3 – 6

Providing young dancers with a nurturing and engaging introduction to the world of ballet. Through playful movement, imaginative storytelling, and fundamental techniques, students develop coordination, musicality, and a love for dance, setting the stage for a graceful journey into the art of ballet.



Ages 7 & Up

The Ballet program epitomizes the timeless elegance and precision of this classical art form. Guided by seasoned instructors, students refine their technique, poise, and expression. With a focus on discipline, creativity, and mastery, the program cultivates dancers who embody both grace and strength, preparing them for a captivating future on the ballet stage.



Ages 10 & Up

CCBII is the official training and apprentice program of Columbia City Ballet. CCBII  is a full scholarship program made up of dancers ages 7 to 18 and is designed to feed into the professional company. CCBII members perform in all of Columbia City Ballet’s productions and maintain a formal rehearsal and performance schedule. 

Creative Movement


3 year olds

The Creative Movement program at Columbia Conservatory of Dance ignites the joy of expression in our youngest dancers. Through imaginative play, rhythmic exploration, and guided movement exercises, children discover the magical world of dance in a nurturing environment. Fostering physical coordination, self-confidence, and a love for creative expression, this program lays a vibrant foundation for a lifelong journey of artistic discovery.



Ages 9 & Up

The Contemporary Dance program invites students to explore the boundless realm of movement and emotion. Through fluid lines, innovative choreography, and a fusion of dance styles, participants delve into the modern language of expression. Guided by passionate instructors, the program cultivates technical prowess, creativity, and a deep connection to movement. Rooted in self-discovery and artistic exploration, the Contemporary Dance program empowers dancers to convey their narratives and emotions through a captivating and thought-provoking dance medium.

Pre Tap


Ages 3-6

The Pre-Tap program introduces young dancers to the captivating rhythms and percussive delights of tap dance. Through engaging exercises, rhythmic games, and basic techniques, students develop a strong sense of musicality, coordination, and footwork. This program sets the stage for a rhythmic adventure, igniting a passion for tap while fostering a solid foundation for future exploration in the world of dance.



Ages 7 & Up

The Tap Dance program immerses students in the dynamic world of rhythmic expression and syncopated beats. Through intricate choreography, technical drills, and improvisational exercises, dancers master the art of creating music through their feet. With a focus on precision, coordination, and individual style, the Tap Dance program empowers students to embrace the vibrant tradition of tap while encouraging them to explore their own unique rhythmical voices on the dance floor.



Ages 7 & Up

The Jazz Dance program is a dynamic fusion of technique, athleticism, and artistic expression. Through energetic movement sequences, fluid transitions, and diverse styles, students delve into the world of jazz dance. With high-energy leaps, the program hones flexibility, strength, and stage presence. With a focus on versatility and self-expression, dancers in the Jazz program develop a captivating dance vocabulary that enriches their artistic journey.